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SplitFuse: Split Settings

There are three settings here that allow you to control how your splits are made. The first two are concerned with where SplitFuse will start and stop splitting your video clip:

For example, if you wanted to ignore the first 4 seconds of your video when splitting, and the last 6 seconds, you would advance to 4 seconds into your video and click the Set button next to the Start splitting at checkbox. Then you would advance to 6 seconds before the end of your video and click the Set button next to the Stop splitting at checkbox. The timeline will show a preview of your choices, and all split settings you've set will adjust accordingly. These settings will not apply if you are splitting according to the clip list.

The final setting, Split at keyframes will tell SplitFuse to find keyframe boundaries near where you have told it to split the video and split the video at those boundaries instead. If you are having trouble with your saved video segments not playing correctly, it might help to check this option. Otherwise, you should be fine.
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