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SplitFuse: Segment Settings

In this section you define how you want SplitFuse to split your video. You have three options:

1. Split into segments of specific length

Here you can enter a number and then a unit of time. For example, if you enter 15 and select seconds, your clip will be split into 15 second segments. If your video's duration is not divisible by 15 seconds, your last segment will be shorter. The exact split points will be previewed for you on the timeline under the video.

2. Split into equal-length segments

Here you enter how many segments you want to split your clip into. SplitFuse calculates how much time each clip will be and previews the split points on the timeline under the video.

3. Split according to the clip list

Selecting this option will save segments with start and end points defined by you. You can define these clips in the clip list.
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