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SplitFuse: Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my registration code?

Registration codes are generated automatically when you complete your PayPal transaction, so if you do not receive your code it probably got lost in your junk mail filter. If you can't find it there, please contact me and I will send out another email.

Why is there no audio when I split my movie?

This is a problem that affects MPEG movies. Certain types of MPEGs have the audio and video tracks muxed (mashed together) in such a way that QuickTime has a problem dealing with them and doesn't save the audio when the movies are split apart. I've been trying to come up with a fix for this problem, but until then SplitFuse won't be able to split these types of files, unless you just want the video.

SplitFuse doesn't work with my video - what the heck?

Unfortunately I do not have the time or the resources to provide support specific to the videos you are trying to work with. Please confirm that SplitFuse can work with your videos before registering. That being said, I would greatly appreciate detailed bug reports if you can give me the type of video you are trying to split or fuse, your operating system version, hardware information, and any other data you think might be helpful. I will try to address these issues with each new version of SplitFuse but if your videos don't work it's likely a problem with the video and I won't be able to counsel you via email. You'll have to wait until the next version comes out and try again.

If you are having an issue that is not related to a specific video format or codec, you are welcome to email me with your question. I try not to discriminate, but it does help your cause if you have registered the application. It helps more, though, when you provide a detailed description of your problem and if possible, a CrashReporter log. Thank you!
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