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SplitFuse is an OS X Video Splitter and Joiner

With it, you can split movies into multiple segments or merge video clips together that have already been split apart. It has a number of useful features:

What's new in version 2.2?

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Not convinced? Check out some screenshots or learn how you might use it.

Note: Dealing with WMV files requires a utility like Flip4Mac. Additionally, I recommend getting the Perian QuickTime component library, which adds support for many other video formats.

See SplitFuse in Action

SplitFuse Screenshot SplitFuse Screenshot SplitFuse Screenshot SplitFuse Screenshot SplitFuse Screenshot

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Ways to use SplitFuse

SplitFuse is very flexible, splitting and joining any videos you need it to. Use it to...

Quickly edit videos

For quick video editing tasks, SplitFuse is indispensable. Simply mark clips in the Clip List, export them and tell SplitFuse to open your clips in the Fuse window, then join the exported clips together. Easy! You can edit commercials out of a TV show, cut together sports highlights, share vacation videos with friends, the possibilities are endless.

Share videos on the web (YouTube, DailyMotion, Revver, etc.)

Different video sites have different size and length limits that they impose on uploaded videos. SplitFuse can help you clip your movie into segments suitable for uploading. Additionally, it can merge videos that you've saved from these sites into one complete video.

Integrate with iMovie

If you have lengthy video clips, iMovie may not accept them as is. Since it imposes a 2GB limit on the size of imported clips, SplitFuse is handy for cutting large movies down to size. Additionally, you can export in the DV format that iMovie accepts so it won't have to do the conversion.

What are people saying about SplitFuse?

"I really appreciate SplitFuse. I have been looking for some way to edit QT movies in a relatively quick and efficient way. With SF the process has gotten considerably easier. SplitFuse results are so useful to my work flow, I can prepare all my QT clips for iDVD with more precision at a lower work cost than I ever thought would be possible without spending 5 to 9 hundred dollars on those really expensive professional editing programs. SplitFuse makes the tedious manageable without the aggravation of having to keep track of huge quantities of data." - Richard G.

"I am a neuroscience lab technician at the University of Minnesota.  I recently started conducting recorded behavioral tests with mice. I wanted to break each 5 minute video into 5 second pieces that I could sample for a rapid and accurate approximation. Almost on the point of giving up, I performed a Google search for a video splitter and found SplitFuse. Since then I have used SplitFuse everyday and it is a vital part of my research. I would recommend SplitFuse to anyone with a use for it, both in and out of the lab." - Amber L.

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Need help with SplitFuse?

Unfortunately I do not have the time or the resources to provide support specific to the videos you are trying to work with. Please confirm that SplitFuse can work with your videos before registering. That being said, I would greatly appreciate detailed bug reports if you can give me the type of video you are trying to split or fuse, your operating system version, hardware information, and any other data you think might be helpful. I will try to address these issues with each new version of SplitFuse

If you are having an issue that is not related to a specific video format or codec, you are welcome to email me with your question. I try not to discriminate, but it does help your cause if you have registered the application. It helps more, though, when you provide a detailed description of your problem and if possible, a CrashReporter log. Thank you!