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What is All Thumbs?

All Thumbs is a powerful thumbnail/thumbnail website creation system. It can create thumbnails from user-defined portions of an image or it can create thumbnails in the typical manner of reducing the size of an image by a certain percentage or to a certain size.

What's new in version 1.3?

  • New, more convenient interface, which includes many cosmetic enhancements
  • Added option to give titles and descriptions to images (which can be included in the website)
  • Added a fit within option to the thumbnail creation options, to make thumbnails fit into defined bounds
  • Added option to give a drop shadow or solid border to thumbnails
  • Save option added so you can save thumbnail sets incase you ever want to modify and/or regenerate the sets at a later date
  • Added template commands to insert the URLs of Previous, Next, and Index pages separately so you can customize the look of those links (i.e., use an image as a link instead of a generic text link)
  • Added a help menu with a link to the Reference Guide (which is now contained within the All Thumbs application for convenience)
  • Fixed a bug that caused font faces and sizes to not be saved in the preferences.
  • Fixed a number of bugs involving watermarking.
  • Changed command key for Select All from Z to A. Of course it should have been A all along...I don't know what happened there.

Why should I use All Thumbs?


  • Image compression and four image formats: JPEG, PICT, PNG, Photoshop
  • In-program resizing and image rotation.
  • Creates thumbnail index pages as well as pages for each image, if desired.
  • Easy-to-create website templates offer complete conformity to your current site design.
  • Easily regenerate websites from a previously created set of thumbnails/images.

Here's what people are saying about All Thumbs...

"I've got TONs of images I wanted to thumbnail. All thumbs was perfect. It created exactly what I wanted (thumbnailed images without html files), and even "watermarked" my images. The interface is simple and intuitive. It runs relatively efficiently. I'd recommend the program."

"The thumbnail features are great, quick and pro! :)"


Choose Source Images "Portions" Workspace
Example sites: Anarchy en España | Playa Del Rey
People are using All Thumbs, all over the world
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How do I register?

There is no limitation on the unregistered version of the software, but if you find it useful please register! Registration is $8 USD.

You can pay using PayPal or Kagi by clicking a link to the left. Both accept credit cards, but only Kagi accepts other methods of payment such as cash, check, and money order.